Protect your skin this summer

Your skin is the most visible part and is most enviable if it is well nourished. One should take good care of her skin especially in the hot and humid conditions in the months to come. Particularly, the summer-time is most dreadful from the stand point of your skin as it bears the brunt of direct sun as well as undergoes loss of moisture that leaves it dry. If you expect to be exposed to the sun, you should wear a protective scarf over your head and cover your arms and hands sufficiently. Also, it will be nice if you wear little loose fit and light-coloured cotton clothes that ensure proper absorption of sweat and air cooling.

Protect your skin this summer

Under hot and humid conditions, the skin sweats a lot more which might lead to increased chances of skin infections. Under these conditions, if there are any cuts or pricks on the skin, the fungal infections get sufficient ground to grow that might turn virulent. These infections are contagious and can be contracted by other people through direct touch and sharing of items of personal hygiene. Places that are most vulnerable to skin infections are the scalp, between toes and the groin area where the sweat accumulates and does not dry up easily.

The way out is extra personal hygiene like taking bath twice a day i.e. in the morning before leaving for work and in the evening after reaching back home. Each time enough care should be taken that the body should be completely dried before dressing up especially the toes and the groin area. The scalp remains sufficiently exposed and dries up subsequently. This would reduce any chances of contracting skin infection. Not bathing with plenty of soap and water is a sure shot invitation to infection.

You would be tempted into using anti-fungal creams and ointments in the hope of relieving or protecting yourself from infections. Just a small word of advice would be quite appropriate at this moment. Be careful as it may contain steroids that might increase the chances of ringworm infection. Do not settle for an inferior product containing some abstract combination of constituents as it might prove to be unhealthy and promote infection rather than control it. Go with tried and tested products that gave you relief the last time around.

The best way to protect yourself is by keeping yourself cool, clean and dry. It could be a challenge to keep sweat at bay in the summer months. The only point of caution could be do not venture out in the sun without a purpose, go out only if the need is urgent. Best safeguard is to avoid crowded and badly ventilated places. Apply a good quality skin moisturizer in the night. In spite of all the precautions if you happen to contract skin infection, see a dermatologist as the earliest for quick resolution.


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